Melt Your Fat Away


Although it’s hard to believe that summer is anywhere in site, it’s really not too soon to start thinking how you’re going to feel when it’s time to shed the winter layers! Lots of people have the same complaint – stubborn body fat. Even if you are physically fit, exercise regularly, and eat according to a strict and healthy diet, you can still suffer from small areas of fat that plague your body regardless of what you do. Luckily, we have something that can help.

Coolsculpting to the Rescue
Coolsculpting can get rid of love handles, back fat, muffin tops, and more without the inconvenience of a surgical procedure.Clinically proven, CoolSculpting’s unique technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The procedure is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. The results are lasting and undeniable.
To learn more about Coolsculpting, take a look at how simple the procedure is on our YouTube channel:

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Medical Mission To Haiti


A Note From Dr. Baskin

This March I have the unique opportunity to participate in a medical mission to Haiti. With humbled excitement, I will be joining Julienne Lebrun and her organization A Serving Heart, a non-profit, grassroots organization that serves in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Their goal is to help one person at a time, with a focus on education and sustainability. My role in Haiti will be to participate in 3 primary care clinics offering basic medical and nutritional care.

Although I will be covering all of my own expenses for the trip, additional funds are needed for medical supplies. My hope is that you can partner with me and support these people with a donation. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way.

Below is a link to my fundraising page. I hope you will take a look and consider donating, however small, to this great cause. If you have any questions, or would like more details about the trip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

SkinMedica – Professional Skin Care



SkinMedica is breaking new grounds with their innovative products and we love them!

SkinMedica professional skin care products are the result of almost two decades of research and clinical experience. Clinically proven ingredients such as growth factors, antioxidants, retinoids, essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid provide everything necessary for your skin. SkinMedica products work together to provide optimal benefits in the shortest period of time.

We have decided to offer SkinMedica exclusively. Out with the old and in with the new! Come in and find out why we are transitioning all of our clients to SkinMedica.

Medical Microdermabrasion

download (1)A wonderful cleansing and exfoliating treatment suitable for all skin types. Microdermabasion is a non-invasive epidermal treatment which removes dead and damaged surface layers skins cells, revealing healthier skin cells underneath. During Microdermabrasion, the deeper dermal layer of the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin giving the skin a younger, firmer, more supple appearance. This can be done as a single treatment or in a series and is a great way to help get your skin in shape with no down time.

Skin Peels & Facial Exfoliation


Baskin Aesthetic Medicine offers a variety of skin peels that will refresh your look by revealing more luminous skin. Choose from peels that have little or no visible peeling to deeper, more corrective peels. Our registered nurses are specially trained in aesthetics and will help put together a program that is right for.


The Illuminize Peel is a medical grade chemical peel which delivers a nice “glow” to the skin immediately. This mild peel exfoliates dead skin cells in a similar manner that microdermabrasion performs but without the abrasiveness of the crystals and without the risk of spreading bacteria across the skin as the microdermabrasion wand has a tendency to do.  The result is a quick glow without any peeling or downtime. This peel is ideal for individuals who want something more invasive than a facial but cannot have the downtime of peeling.

The Vitalize Peel is our most popular peel which exfoliates your dead skin resulting in less acne, less acne scarring, less brown spots and less sun damage. Two days after this peel is applied the skin starts to shed from the chin up to the forehead for a duration of about 2-3 days.  If you want to peel during the weekend, we suggest receiving this peel on a wednesday evening.

The Rejuvenize Peel is the strongest of the 3 peels and is ideal for those who have already had other peels and are now tolerant to medical grade peels where individuals are now seeing less shedding of dead skin when other chemical peels are performed. This peel may result is some mild redness and an increase of skin peeling two days after this peel is applied.  The duration usually lasts about 3-4 days.

Sclerotherapy, Varicose And Spider Vein Laser Treatment



No More Hiding Those Legs!

For the past seven years, Dr Baskin has taken a special interest in the treatment of spider and varicose veins. Both she and her well trained staff offer a combination of microinjections known as sclerotherapy along with laser treatments to achieve optimal results. During your consultation, a treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a treatment solution (Asclera) into the leg veins with very fine needles.  The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and gradually fade from view.  Typically 4-6 treatments are needed spaced 1 month apart.  Treatments take 30-45 minutes with most patients reporting only minimal discomfort with no topical numbing necessary.

Boxtox Cosmetic – How It Works



How does BOTOX Cosmetic Work?
Botox Cosmetic is administered in very low doses through a few tiny injections into the muscles between the brows, which are responsible for frown lines. Botox Cosmetic enables the muscles to relax by blocking the chemical which normally causes these muscles to contract. The effects of Botox Cosmetic are extremely localized and will not effect other areas on your face. Your smile, laugh and facial expressions will remain the same.

Botox for Sweating
Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis is a common problem for men and women that can affect one’s daily living. Botox of the underarms, hands, or feet significantly reduces this problem and lets you “get back to your life.” The treatment can be administered easily on your lunch hour and results typically last 6-9 months.