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laser-hairWhat is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal uses a low-energy laser, which passes through the patient’s skin, being absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. Each pulse of the laser targets and inactivates a large number of hair follicles. Approximately 8 treatments spaced 6-10 weeks apart are usually necessary. Laser hair removal is safe and effective, and because of the latest technological advances, almost everyone can enjoy the benefits.

To ensure the safety of our clients, we only have registered and licensed nurses performing laser hair removal procedures. Our specialist can remove the hair on most parts of the body. It is effective for large areas, as well as small areas on the face. The most common places people have laser hair removal are the:

• Back
• Upper lip and chin
• Neck
• Bikini area
• Chest
• Shoulders
• Underarms


Is the hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is a treatment that focuses light energy into the hair follicle. When that happens, a certain percentage of the hair follicles are damaged so that hair won’t grow from them again. With each treatment session, you will start to see a reduction in hair growth in the treated area. The laser only targets the hair follicle and not the surrounding skin.

Is the treatment painful?

There is some discomfort during laser hair removal, however, topical numbing and ice can be used to minimize this. Depending on how aggressive the treatment session is, the skin may be slightly to significantly pink following treatment.

Preparation for laser hair removal treatment

The area to be treated should be shaved immediately prior to the treatment. Sun exposure should be minimized before and during your treatment series.  Do not use self tanner 4 weeks prior to starting treatment.

Baskin Aesthetic Medicine is Maine’s premier laser and skin care center. We’ve performed thousands of laser hair removal procedures.  As laser hair removal experts, we take great pride in the way we make our patients look and feel!

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